About Voice Dubbing

Successful localization is an exacting process both from the technical and creative perspective.Upon completion of transcreation our team goes to work on all aspects of the localization processFrom understanding the tonality of each scene to casting the best actors for each specific project, we remain true to the creative concept. .

We understandthat using actors  instead of just good voices is crucial for delivery of natural, believable messaging.. Voice actors on our team have experience dubbing films, soap operas , cartoon animations, and of coursesucessful and memorable DRTV. The best creative concept can only be brought to life with the right equipment and attention to technical detail.

Which is why all of our audio sessions take place in a state of the art recording studio using Protools Digital Audio workstations to record and mix.  Proprietary software is used as well tomake the dubbing process more accurate and dramatically quicker,while assuring that voice replacement remains in the closest possible sync.

About Script Transcription

When discussing the adaptation of English language advertising to target the Hispanic Market, “translation” simply doesn’t cover it! From a Creative perspective, what is required is “transcreation”- the adaptationof ideas, from an English language ad to something which will truly speak to the Hispanic Market audience. Many ideas and phrases which yeild results in English, simple do not translate impactfully to the Hispanic Consumer Market.

Additionally, many times emphasis and positioning may need to change in order to motivate and engage a Hispanic audience enough to produce a response.

Case Study: NuWave Oven® was claiming to help reduce fat in your diet, helping you to loose weight and eat healthier.The long form was translated with slight changes in positioning for Hispanics. This created some success but no great ROI.

The client then came to our Creative team requesting that we transcreate a new long form from scratch. For this script we developed 22 recipes that Hispanics ofvarious nationalities love, and we added that the NuWave Oven®  was excellent for reheating leftovers (a common practice in Hispanic households). Knowing the Hispanic Market and transcreating to best engage this demo made our revision a tremendous success.