About DRTV & Mentoring

The majority of testimonials lack believability, due to lack of emotion or even worse, due to exaggeration, and to the wondersclaimed in their comments; in addition to that, faulty readings and or poor direction, can produce the inability to achieve the required results. Some testimonials in the general market, are successful when they are realistic, and actually demonstrate the results produced.

For a myriad of reasons, this is rarely seen in infomercials targeting the Hispanic market. Pelican Media uses the mentor/recipient creative strategy, based on a very simple principle. The Hispanic, newcomer always has mentors, that show them the way and teach them the steps they must take to achieve success in the United States. Hence, it is candidness together with the knowledge and selfless advise that relatives, neighbors, or friends share with them, that facilitate the adaptation of the newcomers to their new life in this country.

It is by using this strategy to create trust and the willingness to try / buy services and products, that the desired results are achieved, because it gets into the dynamics of the belief factor, that is where the trust of the audience lies. Pelican Media offers this point of view, to producers, agencies and direct clients, and expounds on how this strategy can become their strong ally to conquer this market of more than fifty million consumers with a disposable income superior to that of many Spanish-speaking countries.

Fernando Tamayo

Creative Director